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Submission Guildelines

Your team is required to submit the proposal (both hard and soft copies) on or before October 23, 2015.

Hard Copy:

The hard copy must be submitted to your university representative.
The “Acceptance of Terms and Conditions” form signed by all team members must be attached to the hard copy proposal submission.
You can download a copy of the “Acceptance of Terms and Conditions” by pressing the ‘Download Terms & Conditions’ button below.

List of representatives by university:

1. Da Nang University of Science and Technology:
Assoc. PhD. Pham Van Tuan
Tel: +84 511 3735112 

2. Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology:
PhD. Nguyen Quang Nam
Tel.: +84 (0) 8 38647256 (5733)
Cell phone: 01678886605

3. Vietnamese-German University:
Dr. Michael Braun
Tel.: +84 650 2220990
Fax: +84 650 2220980

Soft Copy:

The soft copy must be submitted by uploading it on this website.
The file must be named as followed:  Bosch_GreenChallenge15_UniversityName_TeamName
To upload the file:
• Tick on the box to confirm that your file name is correct.
• Select Choose files
• Choose the correct file
• Select Submit

Download Terms and Conditions